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Presentation Roulette 2018

Learning Solutions 2018 – Presentation Roulette

Conferences are a fantastic way to build new skills, learn about new tools/techniques, and get inspiration. But they’re also a good place to meet new people and have a few laughs too. Last year we launched a fun evening activity called Presentation Roulette that was part presentation, and part improv …

Learning Solutions 2018 Mini Presentations. New speakers. 3 minute talks. Community favorite tools and resources.

New at Learning Solutions 2018 – Mini Presentations

Bringing in new voices to conferences is incredibly important. It ensures we’re getting a wide range of perspectives at the event, helps the conference to continue to feel fresh, and enables more of the community to participate and share. That said, when you’re someone who’s never spoken at a conference before, it’s not …

When Simulations Work – Jenny Saucerman

This guest post comes to us from Jenny Saucerman, an instructional designer at Web Courseworks. She’s also an upcoming speaker at Learning Solutions 2018 Conference & Expo, where she’ll be facilitating a hands-on workshop on building branching scenarios. As instructional designers, we are constantly on the lookout for new educational tools. Some …