#GuildChat for 9/13/19: Where Are We with Blended Learning Today?

Our next #GuildChat takes place Friday, September 13th at 11am PT / 2pm ET. Our topic for this week’s chat is on The State of Blended Learning.

If you asked 10 learning professionals what blended learning is or encompasses you could very likely get 10 different responses. The definition of blended learning becomes even more challenging to pin down today when you think of how technology is continuing to augment solution design, new research in learning sciences, and new approaches such as design thinking continue to influence L&D.

GuildChat_LogoSo what exactly is blended learning today? Is it a special approach or has it become the norm? Is it even owned by L&D or is L&D just a piece of the puzzle?

Join us and the community to discuss (and possibly define) Blended Learning, what it means today and the role L&D has in supporting it.


Prospective questions coming soon!



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