#GuildChat for 04/06/18: Learning from Conferences

Our next #GuildChat takes place Friday, April 6 at 11am PT / 2pm ET. Our topic for this week’s chat is Learning from Conferences.

Conferences are a great source of learning and skill development. Like many experiences though, getting the most from learning at a conference involves more than simply showing up. There are plenty of things you can do before, during, and after a conference that can make your learning experience more meaningful and impactful.

GuildChat_LogoJoin us this week as we explore how you can learn more from the conferences you attend. Here are a few of the prospective questions we’re looking at for this week:

Q1. BEFORE: Part of getting more out of a conference is making sure you select the best conference for your needs. What factors drive your selection of which conference to consider attending? #GuildChat

Q2. BEFORE: What types of goals (if any) do you set for yourself when attending a conference? #GuildChat

Q3. BEFORE: What are some things you do in advance of attending a conference to help you get more from the experience? #GuildChat

Q4. DURING: Do you take notes during a conference? If yes, how do you take notes and why does that format work for you? If you don’t take notes, why not? #GuildChat

Q5. DURING: “Networking” is a big part of the conference experience. How do you network at an event and how does that networking enhance your learning experience? #GuildChat

Q6. DURING: What do you find to be most valuable for learning that you may not find in the formal conference agenda? #GuildChat

Q7. DURING: If you’ve spoken at a conference, what have you learned from the experience? (If you have never spoken at a conference, feel free to ask questions about how it enhances your learning.)  #GuildChat

Q8. DURING: What are some ways we can learn from a conference even if we were not able to attend in person? #GuildChat

Q9. AFTER: What are some ways you ensure you apply what you’ve learned from a conference in your work? #GuildChat

Q10. AFTER: How can we keep the connections and social learning that takes place during a conference active after a conference ends? #GuildChat

See you Friday!

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