#GuildChat for 06/16/17: Learning in Context

Our next #GuildChat takes place Friday, June 16th at 11AM PT/2PM ET. This week’s topic is Learning in Context.

It’s more than a common sense idea; we learn “better” in the context in which we will and do use the skill. There have been studies, one of the more famous was the one by Godden & Baddeley where 18 people (13 men, 5 women) tested recall of words on land and underwater settings. Far from perfect, as there is a lack of “ecological validityGuildChat_Logo due to the nature of the task” and the sample size quite small, however it’s still an interesting study in context-based learning and a good place to start.

Similarly, in the world of work, we have come to understand that the closer we learn to the work to be done, the more impactful the learning can be. It’s this reason the OTJ training has been so widely adopted in many settings, simulations strive to provide immersive environments with multiple paths, and VR is growing in attention. The context is a critical part in processing new information.

Join us this week on #GuildChat as we explore Learning in Context. What are the success stories? The barriers? The best practices in elearning? And the technologies used to support learning in work or in simulated work environments.

Prospective questions:

Q1 What are the benefits of creating learning experiences that closely mirror real world application (such as simulations, role plays, or VR experiences)? #guildchat
Q2. To Sim or not to sim? What are the biggest factors in deciding this as a solution? #guildchat
Q3 What are the most critical elements in creating simulated learning experience? #guildchat
Q4 What can training in the moment (such as OtJ training or performance support) cover better than other learning experiences? #guildchat
Q5 How can we help foster more peer-to-peer OTJ learning opportunities in the work context? #guildchat
Q6 Is learning in the context always best (not including safety issues) or are there other methods better suited for some skill-based content? #guildchat
Q7 What are the challenges of creating learning experiences that replicate or are blended in to real-world application? #guildchat
Q8 Which technologies have lent themselves well to supporting context-based learning? #guildchat


Missed this GuildChat? Don’t worry – you can still read through what happened on our Storify of the chat!


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