#GuildChat for 02/17/17: Where Are The Wearables?

Our next #GuildChat takes place Friday, February 17th at 11AM PT/2PM ET. This week’s topic is Where Are The Wearables


Wearable technology is not new. The medical industry in particular has supplied much from prosthetic devices, sleep apnea correction and hearing aids. But in recent years, with the growth of mobile technology to track, report and connect data, wearable technology provided a seamless means to do all of this and more in other areas.

Fitness trackers are the most commonly known type of wearable today. Providing details for athletes and fitness seekers in areas related to speed, strength, heart rate, calorie consumption, etc. All in a simple, small highly ubiquitous way. This is great for the goal of improving fitness performance but what of work performance and skill development? Where are the Wearables today to provide ongoing information in work performance and what might the future hold for wearable technology for the purposes of learning and development?

Join us this week as we explore wearables. Where are they, where are they going?

Prospective question:

Q1. What wearables have you tried yourself? What was your experience like? #GuildChat
Q2. We’ve been hearing about the impact of wearables for years now but what/where has been the greatest impact? #GuildChat
Q3. Which wearable technologies hold the greatest promise for organizational learning? #GuildChat
Q4. What would have to change about wearables (or people’s perception of them) to have them play more of a part in org learning? #GuildChat
Q5. Getting past the hype, what do you think the real impact of wearables on org learning is in the next 5 years? #GuildChat
Q6. Do you see yourself designing content the leverages wearables in the upcoming years? If so, how. If not, why not? #GuildChat
Q7. What are the challenges for bringing any technology from bleeding edge to common use? #GuildChat
Q8. Today wearables, tomorrow embedded tech for learning and development? Fact or science fiction?


Missed this GuildChat? Don’t worry – you can still read through what happened on our Storify of the chat!





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