#GuildChat for 01/20/17: Sharing What Works

Our next #GuildChat takes place Friday, January 20th at 11AM PT/2PM ET. This week’s topic is Sharing What Works in L&D

With a nod to the Learning Solutions Conference & Expo happening in March we turn our attention to the importance of Sharing What Works.


Learning solutions come in many forms and frankly can be either supported or produced. Additionally they can be quick like a job aid or more long-term such as a campaign or program. Therefore a one size fits all approach to collecting and reporting results is not advisable.

In this week’s #GuildChat we turn to the community to share their insights on sharing what works in organizational learning. We’ll explore the methods of collection and structure of reporting but also look at how we report and how it differs based on the audience. Join us as we dissect the activities around gathering evidence and the ways we convey information to build our case for a solution’s effectiveness.


Prospective question:

Q1. How do you currently measure the effectiveness of the learning solutions you create?
Q2. What sources do you find most helpful to collect data from when measuring effectiveness?
Q3. What hurdles do you face when collecting data about the impact of your solutions? How can you mitigate them?
Q4. How do you go about collecting formative vs. summative data showing effectiveness?
Q5. There’s a lot of variables at play when measuring effectiveness. How do you ensure a clear connection to business results?
Q6. Data is great but alone can be confusing. How do you share evidence of effectiveness in ways that are meaningful to others?
Q7. Do you change how you report the evidence of impact depending on the audience you’re sharing with? Why or why not?
Q8. What’s one thing that you’d like to do more or better this year when it comes to proving your solutions are effective?


Missed the chat? Don’t worry – you can still read through what happened on Storify!







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