The Story Behind Our Recent Membership Changes

We recently made some pretty incredible changes to eLearning Guild membership and we would like to share the story behind those changes. Here at the Guild, we believe that together we are better, so we changed our entire membership model to better reflect the wants and needs of our members.

We surveyed eLearning Guild members back in April to see how people felt about their membership. We received over 1200 responses and we identified a common thread. Members were joining for the community and to have access to our array of benefits. We heard your feedback and we started brainstorming ways to amplify our community, while offering even more benefits to our members.

With the goal of bolstering our community, we’ve made membership to the eLearning Guild free. Free membership allows more people to join the Guild, which strengthens our community and increases the possibilities for sharing and networking.

Additionally, we now offer three optional paid content packages, Pro, Plus, and Premium, that enhance membership with access to research, online events, conference discounts, and more. We have also added more benefits to general membership and to each package.

Free membership, as well as the three additional content packages, bolster the eLearning Guild community and provide members with new resources. These new changes ensure that membership is tailored to fit every type of professional.

Learn more about the membership changes on The eLearning Guild website. Not a member of The eLearning Guild? Join today for free!

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