Introducing The eLearning Guild’s Newest Team Member: Bianca Woods

Here we grow again. :)

As the events, content, and community around The eLearning Guild continue to expand, our need to bring in more people who can help support our efforts increases. Each individual in our organization plays a critical role, from our marketing and design teams to our publishing and servicing teams, and everyone in between.

Senior VP and Executive Director David Kelly said there’s one area of the Guild that he sees a bit differently than the others – the programming team. These are the people who help plan the industry-leading conferences and online events that the Guild runs every year.

It’s not that the programming team is more or less important than any other part of our organization; it’s that what we need most from the programming team members requires more than just skill, it requires passion, David said.

With that in mind, we hired Bianca Woods as the senior manager of programming, and there’s no denying that Bianca, an industry expert in L&D, brings passion to her work every day.

Welcome Bianca Woods to the eLearning Guild Team

Bianca is already a well-known member of the eLearning community, with a history in instructional design.BW Headshot 2015

In her new role as senior manager of programming, she’ll be working alongside fellow Senior Manager of Programming Mark Britz. Her responsibilities include choosing conference sessions, helping speakers, looking for new topics to explore at Guild events, contributing to #GuildChat and the TWIST blog, and more.

She’s had more than two months to settle into her new position, and is enjoying Guild life so far.

I’ve always really loved connecting to people through conferences and social media, so I think it’s pretty spectacular that’s now officially part of my job. I’m paid to nerd out with L&D people about the stuff we all love. How fantastic is that?!

Bianca was born and raised in Toronto, Canada, where she currently resides. She has a background in art, and used to be a classroom teacher of art and history.

“It’s no surprise that I play a lot in the visual design for learning space. I’m also quite fascinated with the different ways we can use media in L&D, particularly media that we can easily and affordably create ourselves. Both those focuses are also great ways for me to justify splurging on design books and tech toys on a regular basis,” Bianca said.

Bianca enjoys “Your usual geeky hobbies” in her free time: comics, anime, video games, and movies. “If you ever want to have an in-depth discussion of the pros and cons of #TeamCap versus #TeamIronMan, sort people into Hogwarts houses, or trade favorite indie games, I’m definitely your girl,” she said.

Keep up with Bianca on Twitter @eGeeking.





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