Curated Industry Content for the Week of 06/13/16

twist-curated-content-2Every Monday we curate a number of articles and blog posts that have relevance to members of the eLearning Guild Community, and to the learning and performance field as a whole. Each piece of content that we share includes a brief introduction from the member of the Guild Community sharing why they think the content is important.

Here’s the content for this week:

The Mistrust of Science by Atul Gawande
Atul Gawande’s commencement address at the California Institute of Technology is an excellent read, exploring the current state of science in our world, and the opportunity for tomorrow’s scientists to reframe the way our culture looks at the scientific community. While the speech is an excellent read on it’s merit alone, I also share it for the links that exist – such as importance of curiosity, experimentation, and a scientific mindset – within the world of learning. -David Kelly

Mary Meeker’s 2016 internet trends report: All the slides, plus analysis by Ina Fried
Mary Meeker’s annual internet trends report is the definitive analysis of how we are interacting with the web and the trends that are shaping the future of how we will do so in the future. I often say if you want to see how technology will change the ways we learn, you need to follow how technology is changing the ways we live. This annual report is one of the most trusted sources for analyzing the trends that are shaping how we interact with the digital world. -David Kelly

Creativity via The Oatmeal
The Oatmeal is a popular online comic strip that – fair warning – uses profanity and is quite often NSFW. This post has elements of that type of humor, but I share it here for the point of view shared around creativity, and the way the artist/author uses the analogy of breathing to describe both being creative and recharging his creative energy. -David Kelly

The End of Reflection by Teddy Wayne
Reflection is a critical part of learning. It’s also something that requires prioritization. Reflection requires pause; we need to stop doing so that we can reflect on what we’ve done. This article explore some of the science behind reflection, and examines the challenge of reflecting in the always-on world of the smartphone. -David Kelly

Surprisingly Simple Ways You Can Trick Your Brain Into Focusing by Gwen Moran
There’s a lot of interest in brain sciences these days. This post explores some of the research being done, and examines some basic things we can all do to help increase our focus. -David Kelly

The 2016 FocusOn Learning Conference Backchannel: Curated Resources
Last week the inaugural FocusOn Learning Conference and Expo took place in Austin, Texas. This post curates all of the resources shared in the conference backchannel that reinforced and extended the learning shared at the event. -David Kelly

What are you reading?

If you have an article, blog post, or other resource that you think we should consider sharing in a future Curated Industry Content post, please feel free to send a link to the resource to David Kelly along with a few sentences describing why you think the resource is valuable.

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