#GuildChat for 04/29/16: Trust and Gaining Buy-in

Our next #GuildChat takes place Friday, April 29 at 11AM PT/2PM ET. Our topic for this week’s chat is Trust and Gaining Buy-in.


Trust is a very hot topic these days. Organizational leadership is heavily focused on the idea of creating a trusted brand, working to gain the trust of customers to build loyalty and community.  Social technology evangelists are coming to the realization that at the core of social tools are people and not features and functions that make them “go”.  And of course in learning; trust in content, instructors and intention is becoming mission critical to advance understanding and execution.

As employees or consultants, many in L&D are looking to all levels to create buy-in for solutions and programs and they are seeing how trust plays an important role in the process.  This week GuildChat explores the relationship between trust and gaining support, how it’s built and why it’s important. Join us!


Prospective questions coming soon!

Q1. How do you define trust in a work context?
Q2. How is trust across different levels built
Q3. What are the key elements of trust in a work context for you?
Q4. Trust works both ways. How do you show trust to your stakeholders?
Q5. How do you ensure buy-in for one project transforms into long-term trust?
Q6. Why should your stakeholders buy into your ability to help them solve problems?
Q7. Will an L&D “seat at the table” make things better for employees? How?
Q8. When a working relationship gets rocky, how can you rebuild that trust?


The eLearning Guild has always looked to the community to form the conversations around learning and technology. We’ve taken it a step further however and created a rotating group of  voluntary #GuildChat Advisors! Each Advisor is selected for their unique perspectives and involvement in the the conversations around the learning industry. For a 6 month period they will help formulate the topics and questions for our weekly chat. Have an idea for #GuildChat? Reach out to @britz or any of the current advisors!


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