Curated Industry Content for the Week of 02/29/16

twist-curated-content-1Every Monday we curate a number of articles and blog posts that have relevance to members of the eLearning Guild Community, and to the learning and performance field as a whole. Each piece of content that we share includes a brief introduction from the member of the Guild Community sharing why they think the content is important.

Here’s the content for this week:

Mark Zuckerberg: Soon, The Majority Of Content We Consume Will Be Video by Pavithra Mohan
The growth in online video as a medium for content and communication continues to accelerate. This article explores comments from Mark Zuckerberg that examine the resources and attention that facebook is placing on video, and the expectations that they have for video consumption in the future. -David Kelly

Google Expeditions offers stunning field trips without leaving school by Janice Mak
Virtual reality is coming, and it has numerous applications for learning. This post explores one early example – Google Expeditions – which takes virtual reality learning experiences into classrooms around the country. It’s a great example of the power of virtual reality being used to create educational and learing experiences that would not be possible without this technology. -David Kelly

Be a better writer in 15 minutes: 4 TED-Ed lessons on grammar and word choice by Emilie Soffe
While design and development skills are often what we focus on in elearning, writing skills are arguably just as important. This post examines shares 4 lessons on grammar and word choice that can improve your writing. It’s also a nice example of using curation to create a new educational opportunity via existing resources. -David Kelly

7 Things to Know About Facebook’s New Reaction Buttons by Anick Jesdanun
This week facebook made a small change to it’s platform that has huge potential impact – it replaced the single LIKE button attached to each post with an expanded set of different types of reactions. This post explains what they are, but more importantly explores the research-focused methodology used to drive the changes. Many of the changes described here, and the reasoning behind those changes, have applications in the workflows of learning and development. -David Kelly

Marc My Words: Ten Steps to Building a Learning Culture by Marc Rosenberg
There’s a lot of talk about the importance of a learning culture in our industry, and the benefits a strong culture of learning can provide to an organization. But how do we build and support such a culture? This article examines ten steps that can help you towards that goal. -David Kelly

Facebook Signals It’s All-In On VR by Daniel Terdiman
Facebook – who owns Oculus Rift – is putting a huge amount of resources behinf Virtual Reality. This article explores facebook’s belief that VR is the next great computing platform, and examines the role VR can play in enabling social connections, connections which could also be used to support learning. -David Kelly

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