Driving Leaner Engagement in a Corporate MOOC

A big challenge in launching a new training initiative is getting (and keeping) learners engaged. Our case study of Microsoft’s successful design and launch of a corporate MOOC for sales training has several key takeaways for those designing training with MOOC elements.

  • Market your course to the community as an exclusive opportunity with invitations coming from managers. The exclusivity factor communicates to invitees that this sales training MOOC was something valuable for their career and was a special opportunity for recognition.
  • Have a solid communications plan to drive participation.
  • Focus on the quality of the MOOC content and the skills of the instructors to engage learners.
  • Make the online user experience consumer-grade using elements such as gamification, badging, and integrated social features.
  • Choose quality platform and content partners

It’s exciting to think that MOOCs—combined with the power and reach of social networking—may enable even larger numbers of learners to access knowledge without the necessity for today’s formal learning structures.  Although most MOOCs are still in the early stages of maturity, the opportunities they present are playing an increasingly important role in all types of traditional, corporate, and global education.

Learn more about corporate MOOCs in the free white paper, Microsoft’s Corporate MOOC: Transforming Training to Increase Seller Engagement, from The eLearning Guild.

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