Where Are You in Your Career?

As you progress through your career, The eLearning Guild can help you with research, professional development, networking, etc. The Learning Exchange is yet another resource the Guild provides to help you along your path. The LEARN section provides a variety of community-shared content so you can learn from people who have been there and have a lot to share. And the content is continually growing, so it is a spot you’ll want to return to periodically to see what’s new.

howdidigethereI’m always interested in hearing how people came to be where they are in their careers. I know that finding the career path I’m currently on was a happy surprise. I didn’t know where my first corporate job as a trainer would eventually lead me. In the Learning Exchange, the  Now@HowDidIGetHere discussion board is a place to share your career progression. I think sharing our stories helps others see possibilities they might not have thought of. So be sure to go there and read great posts from other members of the community and add your own story.


In addition to learning and sharing your story, we’d like to know a little more about your work and work habits. Please complete this survey. We’ll put together an infographic from all of the results we receive. We’ll post the infographic in the Learning Exchange and I’ll blog about it here when it’s available later this summer!

The Learning Exchange is a great place to search for the things you need to know to be successful at your job. It is also the place where you can help others be successful at what they do by sharing your knowledge and skills

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