11/14 #GuildChat Preview: Sharing Your Expertise

Join us for #GuildChat Friday November 14th at 11am PT / 2pm ET. The chat topic for this week is Sharing Your Expertise.

Picture1During his remarks at the DevLearn Conference and Expo last month, David Holcombe described why The eLearning Guild exists; because “We believe we are better together than we are alone”.  What makes the Guild the leading professional development organization for learning professionals is the Guild community, a community that freely shares with one another so that those who know can help those who want to know.

In this week’s GuildChat, we’ll explore the many ways that we can share our expertise with others.

Here are the questions currently scheduled to be posed during the chat.

  • What are some of the ways you have shared your expertise with others, or have had it shared with you?
  • What is the value of sharing expertise to the person doing the sharing?
  • Is sharing your expertise different than “teaching”? If so, how?
  • True or false: Sharing your expertise expands your own knowledge. If true, how? If false, why not?
  • People can be very protective of knowledge. How can we encourage others to share their expertise?
  • How does a culture that supports sharing of expertise benefit an organization?
  • What types of communities and/or environments do you find most valuable for sharing of expertise?

If you’re interested in sharing your expertise with others, consider submitting a proposal for one of the eLearning Guild’s upcoming face-to-face conferences or online events, or contributing an article to Learning Solutions Magazine.

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